[MEncoder-users] VHS capturing 2 avi

M Daniel R M 4.mdr.magarzo at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 00:38:18 CET 2005

El sáb, 17-12-2005 a las 00:09 +1100, Allen escribió:
> Hi Daniel,

First, thank you for your comments; They were really instructive, they
gave me new ideas, and -the most important- made me realize that my
command were plenty of (let's say..) "cuasi-errors", despite it did work
nicely! ???:-/

> It is timely that your question popped onto the list.  I have been
> trying many combinations for capturing our home movies onto the PC such
> that they can then be converted and played back by (S)VCD and later DVD.
> My focus has been to attempt to capture interlaced content for playback
> on a TV, hence a little bit different I think from your own tests.
> The command I use at the moment is:
> mencoder -tv driver=v4l2:input=1:width=720:height=576:norm=PAL -ovc lavc
> -oac lavc -lavcopts
> vcodec=mpeg4:trell:ildct:ilme:vbitrate=1400:acodec=mp2:abitrate=112
> -endpos 5336 -o my-movie.avi tv://
> which yields me excellent playback, and not so large files (about 650mb
> per hour).  When converted to SVCD they playback nearly perfect on a
> standard DVD player and TV.  The only artifacts are some combing on fast
> moving objects.

Let me a thumb question, please: you put there norm=PAL, while I am not
placing anything on that, I didn't find any on the man page about that;
just it says, if I understood ok, that when v4l2 driver is used, this
parameter (norm) should be replaced by this one: normid= , and it's up
to you to get a list (I don't know how to) of valid values depending on
your country norm. I'd bet that PAL would belong to "0", since almost
always PAL is the first norm name of such as lists, but I'm not sure.
So, I always left it absent. It works.

What about the quality of the sound? Are you satisfied there? 
I don't know if it'd be better to use -oac lavc with acodec=mp3 instead
of lame, maybe processing were a bit more fluently. 

I see you're right with the trell:ildct:ilme set, but you're using the
vbitrate= option..., is that better for you than the vqscale= that they
told me? Does it care really?

> The only problem I have encountred is to make sure the target disk has
> plenty of free space, otherwise I get video buffer full errors.
> Otherwise, I can get 25fps for 1 and a half hours with no (or very few)
> dropped frames.


> Cheers,
> Allen


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