[MEncoder-users] sound (or frame?) async problem

SZABO Zsolt szazs at mm.bme.hu
Mon Dec 19 11:29:05 CET 2005

I am just trying to record videos with a Pinnacle USB2 device.
It's a pity that I could not produce sound with mplayer
(following the hints of http://www.linuxtv.org/v4lwiki/index.php/Em2820 
in vain -- if anybody can also help about this, it is welcome). Thus 
I used xawtv for recording. However, this succeeded only in raw format 
which was set to YUY2 and a separate wav file.

So I tried to create an avi with mencoder, like the following:

mencoder -rawvideo on:w=384:h=288:yuy2
-vf crop=374:158:4:64,scale=384:144,hqdn3d=2:1:2
-oac lavc -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=1800:\
   -audiofile audio.wav -o test.avi video.raw

In the first 15 secs of the encoding "Skipping frame!" was reported cca. 
10 times. And in the created avi there is a small but annoying 
difference between the video and the sound.

What did I wrong or what should be done in order to eliminate this problem?


PS: playing the recorded video and sound like:

mplayer -rawvideo on:w=384:h=288:yuy2 -audiofile audio.wav video.raw

does not produce this slip. That's why I think that it is because of the 
skipped frames (the frames are showed earlier than the corresponding 
sound sample).

PS1: please Cc your email also to szazs AT mm DOT bme DOT hu.

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