[MEncoder-users] Re: Re: new doom9 codec comparission (submission)

Doom9 Feedback Hotline feedback123 at doom9.org
Sun Dec 18 22:42:31 CET 2005

And here are two samples from the lobby shootout. Now you can be the judge 
and there can be no more "we know which one is better".. it's not about 
knowing it's about seeing.


And before anyone comes argueing these are irrelevant because they don't 
have the same size: that's the reason why I'm encoding the full movie and 
looking at selected high motion and low motion scenes to ensure no codec can 
get away focusing only on one type of scenes. So, as we can see, lavc gives 
high motion scene less bitrates which I can spot quite clearly, whereas it 
spends the saved bits someplace else that I cannot see. And I'm afraid rate 
control is an important part of a codec.. as the VSS example clearly shows, 
in a rather negative way.


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