[MEncoder-users] qualification round feedback

Corey Hickey bugfood-ml at fatooh.org
Fri Dec 16 11:58:35 CET 2005


I just read through the results for the qualification round, and I have a
few small corrections I hope you will make.

1. If you want a nice abbreviation for libavcodec MPEG-4, you might want to
use FMP4 and call it FFmpeg MPEG-4. For a while now, FMP4 has been the
default fourcc used when encoding such files, and it will probably create
less confusion if you use it instead of "LMP4".

2. With regard to snow in the introduction, you write:
"This causes a problem because you can't really predict this quantizer
properly, and settings that worked when mencoder processes the VOBs directly
(the people working on the settings are using Linux) apparently doesn't
match the results when your input is an AviSynth script."
Actually, the differences you and I were having stemmed from me having a
differently-encoded DVD of The Matrix (mine was darker, greener,
cropped/scaled differently, and a slighty different length). Perhaps you
just forgot to update that part after we found out we were encoding
different sources? Anyway, the real problem with snow 2-pass is just that
you have to guess (or determine by experiment) a good quantizer for the
first pass.

3. In the conclusion you have a typo :)
"But for now, the I cannot allow this codec to pass to the main round."


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