[MEncoder-users] VHS capturing 2 avi

M Daniel R M 4.mdr.magarzo at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 21:43:46 CET 2005

Hi list,

I'd like to know if there is something redundant, superfluous, wrong or
improvable into this command line:


 $ mencoder -endpos 12000 -tv
driver=v4l2:device=/dev/video0:input=2:fps=25:width=768:height=576:amode=1 -oac mp3lame -lameopts cbr:br=128:mode=2 -srate 48000 -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vhq:vbitrate=2800:keyint=45:scplx_mask=0.2 -vf crop=720:540,denoise3d,pp=de,scale=352:288 -o /home/daniel/thing001.avi tv://


I use to capture old VHS tapes with excellent results -I think...- as
much in quality as in compression.

I use to vary -endpos [seconds] obviously...; and vbitrate=[2800-3000]
depending on original tape quality, nothing more.

Viewing the man page -even my-mother-tongue's version- I couldn't to
understand clearly which improvements the pp option is able to add,
since I have not much knowledge about this things. So I set it to
default values (de). I don't know if it would be really necessary. 

All in all, results are very convincing in my opinion, also I don't have
to compress anything later, since final file sizes are of several
hundreds of MB, instead of GB's. 

Another thing, the sequential order that -vf options are passed in to
mencoder, I think that is right, isn't it? First, crop margins, in order
to avoid to stress the processor vainly because of the major noise
placed there; then, a denoise filter; then, the post-processing
¿colours? feature, and finally scaling to down to semi-PAL DVD. 

hw & sw used: 

- Pentium 4 2.8 GHz Processor -
- mencoder v. 1.0 -
- Fedora Core 4 -

Please, agreements, suggestions, improvements...?


Daniel R M

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