[MEncoder-users] Re: x264 lossless, or is it?

Aleksandar Uzelac uzi at galeb.etf.bg.ac.yu
Mon Dec 5 21:09:56 CET 2005

Rich Felker <dalias <at> aerifal.cx> writes:

> Of course it's not. You've converted an RGB image to 4:2:0-subsampled
> YUV (lossy conversion), compressed _that_ image losslessly,
> decompressed that image, and then converted it back to RGB (lossy).

  i fully understand what you are saying. i made similar statement to that
effect in this very thread.
  do you know if x264 supports formats other then YUV?

> If you want lossless compression of RGB images, use a codec that works
> in RGB space without chroma subsampling.

  i know only one codec that works in RGB without chroma subsampling, RGB
uncompressed. can you recomend any other?

  or should i try to modify my PNGs to some YUV based picture? is there any
picture format that supports YUV?

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