[MEncoder-users] x264 lossless, or is it?

Aleksandar Uzelac uzi at galeb.etf.bg.ac.yu
Mon Dec 5 18:30:57 CET 2005

i'm using several png files to create avi, and i want resulting avi to be pixel-exact (lossless, or is lossless something else?).

here is command line (qp_constant=0 is lossless):

mencoder "mf://*.png" -v -mf fps=0.25:type=png \
-ovc x264 -ofps 25.000 -oac lavc \
-lavcopts acodec=mp3:abitrate=192 \
-x264encopts qp_constant=0 -o result.avi

input and output png file example can be found here:


output is taken from resulting avi file with "-vo png:z=9" option.
this is not lossless, as you can see in output.png, compared to input.png file.

or is it?


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