[MEncoder-users] new doom9 codec comparission

Matthias Wieser mwieser at gmx.de
Sun Dec 4 18:25:37 CET 2005

Am Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2005 04:30 schrieb Corey Hickey:

> > Oh, one more thing: what about B-frames?
> vmax_b_frames=2 helps PSNR significantly, but mencoder still doesn't 
> properly maintain a-v sync when b frames are present.

Are you sure? I often use vmax_b_frames=1 and I never got bad a-v sync.

> I'd like to use 
> them, but it doesn't seem right to recommend an option that, although
> it helps the video itself, doesn't work properly with mencoder.

If vmax_b_frames=2 helps PSNR significantly, maybe someone can find a 


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