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This is the first of two messages Doom9 sent me with regard to the codec


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Rented? The MPAA will have your hide ;)

> Well, I finally went and rented The Matrix and started messing around.
> For now I'm concentrating only on mpeg4 -- I'll deal with the exciting
> part (snow) later. Also, if someone else can provide a nice windows
> binary, I'd appreciate it; I have little experience in that regard and
> probably couldn't do as well as many others on this list.

Here are the mencoder binaries I'm normally using:
http://www.aziendeassociate.it/cd.asp?dir=/mplayer .. if you have anything
better, let me know.
> I have several questions and things to comment on.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> First, the questions for Doom9.
> 1. The test is using the original Matrix, right? Not one of the sequels?

That's right. Note that this is only for the qualification run. Should a
libav codec made it into the final comparison, it'll be Matrix 3
(Revolutions), Saving Private Ryan and a yet unnamed anime source, using
the parameters from the 2004 comparison with some changes. I'll give you
the full scoop if an lavc codec qualifies for the final round and you'll
be able to amend settings for each movie individually if you like.
> 2. Encoding the audio using Lame 3.96.1 gives me 127632KB which is
> rather different from the 157455KB listed in the 2003 codec comparison.
> This is probably due to my Lame being newer and/or the way liba52
> downmixed the 5.1 audio when I extracted it from the DVD. When you
> perform the test, are you going to use our Lame encoding method or your
> own? If you are going to use our methods for the whole process, then
> I'll shoot for a final filesize of 716800KB and provide the commands for
> each step. If you are going to use your own tools, then can you give me
> a target video bitrate to shoot for? You can then mux the
> mencoder-created video with your own audio and the filesize should end
> up being correct.

I'll use the audio I already have and mux in VirtualDub. You can take the
video bitrate from the 2003 comparison.
> 3. Are the cropping and scaling parameters going to be the same as in
> the 2003 codec comparison?
> 4. The 2003 comparison used a bicubic scaler; the 2004 comparison used
> lanczos. What method are you going to use this time?
> 5. How soon do you want to get results from us?
Encoding for the main comparison starts in two weeks, hopefully even a bit
earlier when I get codecs befor the deadline. I need to be able to start
encoding the week-end after next at the very very very latest. I already
have some codecs so I'll be playing around with them this week-end.

By the way, I even have my very own windows GUI for mencoder.. if you're
ever on windows try it out, it's called megui.


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