3.13. Teletext

Teletext is currently available only in MPlayer for v4l and v4l2 drivers.

3.13.1. Implementation notes

MPlayer supports regular text, graphics and navigation links. Unfortunately, colored pages are not fully supported yet - all pages are shown as grayscaled. Subtitle pages (also known as Closed Captions) are supported, too.

MPlayer starts caching all teletext pages upon starting to receive TV input, so you do not need to wait until the requested page is loaded.

Note: Using teletext with -vo xv causes strange colors.

3.13.2. Using teletext

To enable teletext decoding you must specify the VBI device to get teletext data from (usually /dev/vbi0 for Linux). This can be done by specifying tdevice in your configuration file, like shown below:


You might need to specify the teletext language code for your country. To list all available country codes use


Here is an example for Russian: