4.7. tdfx_vid

This is a combination of a Linux kernel module and a video output driver, similar to mga_vid. You'll need a 2.4.x kernel with the agpgart driver since tdfx_vid uses AGP. Pass --enable-tdfxfb to configure to build the video output driver and build the kernel module with the following instructions.

Installing the tdfx_vid.o kernel module:

  1. Compile drivers/tdfx_vid.o:

    make drivers

  2. Then run (as root)

    make install-drivers

    which should install the module and create the device node for you. Load the driver with

    insmod tdfx_vid.o

  3. To make it load/unload automatically when needed, first insert the following line at the end of /etc/modules.conf:

    alias char-major-178 tdfx_vid

There is a test application called tdfx_vid_test in the same directory. It should print out some useful information if all is working well.