4.4. Framebuffer output (FBdev)

Whether to build the FBdev target is autodetected during ./configure. Read the framebuffer documentation in the kernel sources (Documentation/fb/*) for more information.

If your card doesn't support VBE 2.0 standard (older ISA/PCI cards, such as S3 Trio64), only VBE 1.2 (or older?): Well, VESAfb is still available, but you'll have to load SciTech Display Doctor (formerly UniVBE) before booting Linux. Use a DOS boot disk or whatever. And don't forget to register your UniVBE ;))

The FBdev output takes some additional parameters above the others:


specify the framebuffer device to use (default: /dev/fb0)


mode name to use (according to /etc/fb.modes)


config file of modes (default: /etc/fb.modes)

-monitor-hfreq, -monitor-vfreq, -monitor-dotclock

important values, see example.conf

If you want to change to a specific mode, then use

mplayer -vm -fbmode name_of_mode filename


FBdev video mode changing does not work with the VESA framebuffer, and don't ask for it, since it's not an MPlayer limitation.