5.2. *BSD

MPlayer runs on all known BSD flavors. There are ports/pkgsrc/fink/etc versions of MPlayer available that are probably easier to use than our raw sources.

If MPlayer complains about not finding /dev/cdrom or /dev/dvd, create an appropriate symbolic link:

ln -s /dev/your_cdrom_device /dev/cdrom

To use Win32 DLLs with MPlayer you will need to re-compile the kernel with "option USER_LDT" (unless you run FreeBSD-CURRENT, where this is the default).

5.2.1. FreeBSD

If your CPU has SSE, recompile your kernel with "options CPU_ENABLE_SSE" (FreeBSD-STABLE or kernel patches required).

5.2.2. OpenBSD

Due to limitations in different versions of gas (relocation vs MMX), you will need to compile in two steps: First make sure that the non-native as is first in your $PATH and do a gmake -k, then make sure that the native version is used and do gmake.

As of OpenBSD 3.4 the hack above is no longer needed.

5.2.3. Darwin

See the Mac OS section.