[rtmpdump] An undownloadable video

cumdacon cumdacon at teletu.it
Sat May 25 14:25:19 EEST 2019

Hi to all, I am new here.
Since I am not allowed to install Tor and since I failed with YTDL + curl + 
xidel + ffmpeg...
I ask here to you if rtmpdump.exe may be able to (really!) download this not 
geoblocked but "very strong geoblocked" 720p video (a 10 minutes concert 
opendoor at Schoenbrunn castle); no matter if the url points to a playlist 
json or any else...
its enough "Yes/Not" about a way to download the video (or the playlist? 
then I could simply trim the desired video) ;)
I feel that even this app is unable to do the job both as standalone and in 
addition with other app :(

thanks to all.

PS: at the moment I
either download the fake video ("Dieses Video darf ........")
or with an austrian IP I download another video (without geoblock warning, 
that is good!) telling me that "video is not for you machine".

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