[rtmpdump] Using rtmpdump for passive monitoring of Live RTMP stream

Jesper Weissglas jesper at journeyman.se
Sat Jul 5 21:10:09 CEST 2014

I'm working as a consultant to a large live streaming media provider. My 
project involves monitoring encoder image quality.
I am trying to figure how to monitor a non-encrypted Live RTMP stream 
that I am pushing to a CDN.
I would like to avoid putting a RTMP proxy between my encoder and the 
CDN, since a proxy becomes a potential failure point.
I can easily configure my switches with a monitor port, so I can 
passively sniff the TCP stream.
But I need to convert the sniffed TCP stream into something that I can 
open in a player.

I was wondering if it is feasile to use librtmp (obviously with a bit of 
hacking)  for this?
Can it made to understand a RTMP stream even if it has not been 
negotiating the connection itself?
If so, can it be made to offer a new stream to VLC for example?
Any idea how much work it would be to achieve this for a reasonably 
skilled developer?


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