[rtmpdump] Streaming from rtvslo.si with rtmpdump results in malformed files

Ulrik Dickow udickow at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 11:11:21 CET 2013

On 14-01-2013 17:15, bartmon wrote:
> constant buffer underruns, some messages between server and client about
> pausing and then resumption of streaming. It, however, does not continue
> from where the underrun happened, but resumes from a percentage that is
> a bit lower. Due to constant errors some streams never dump completely

This is an old problem, reported several times before and solved half a
year ago.  Use the new option -R (--realtime).  If your rtmpdump doesn't
understand it, get a more recent version from git master (July 2012 or

> Here's the command I used for a file that completes (about 300MB):

Then your file in this case will be only 49 MB and seems to look ok.

BTW, I now see that in updating the manual page in July 2012 I forgot to
add "[-R]" to the SYNOPSIS entry.  But it _is_ mentioned in OPTIONS and
in `rtmpdump --help':

	$ rtmpdump --help |& grep real
	--realtime|-R           Don't attempt to speed up download via the
Pause/Unpause BUFX hack

Ulrik Dickow
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