[rtmpdump] Crude fix rtmpdump repeats, "jumps" timestamps backwards

Jindřich Makovička makovick at gmail.com
Fri May 4 22:31:58 CEST 2012


> Gunnar wrote:
> > For some rtmp-servers I get downloaded files which
> > - are much larger than expected
> > - when played in mplayer, the video "jumps backwards" every now and then
> >
> > 2 solutions,
> > - fix the jump-backwards file
> > - butcher rtmpdump


> Your server has paused playback (for whatever reason) and rtmpdump timed out
> waiting for data. It sends the Pause/Unpause command to poke the server and
> make it resume sending data. So yes, if you disable the SendPause function,
> your overall download will be much slower.
> Obviously the butchery you've done is wrong. Also, the SendPause command uses
> the timestamp of the last frame that it received. It is possible that more
> recent data would have arrived, but Flash servers are only able to seek to Key
> frames so sometimes it will resume from earlier than the last sent packet.
> There is already code in librtmp to skip any packets with older timestamps
> after a resume (though perhaps this code wasn't present in 2.3, I haven't
> bothered to check).
> Use 2.4. Don't butcher the code, a lot more thought has gone into it than
> you're able to put into it.

I am using master (Cleanup prev commit, drop gcrypt support,
7340f6dbc6b3c8e552baab2e5a891c2de75cddcc), and I still need to apply
the attached patch to explicitly check for timestamp monotonicity, so
I can retrieve a watchable video.

Jindřich Makovička
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