[rtmpdump] rtmpdump not working with dailymotion

compn tempn at twmi.rr.com
Thu Jan 19 21:59:28 CET 2012

On Thu, 19 Jan 2012 16:52:53 +0100, Nicolas George wrote:
>Since about last week, dailymotion gives rtmpe:// links instead of HTTP
>links, but rtmpdump seems unable to handle them.

use rtmpsuck.
with rtmpsuck and a tor exitnodes {fr} i get:

RTMP Proxy Server v2.4
(c) 2010 Andrej Stepanchuk, Howard Chu; license: GPL

Streaming on rtmp://
Processing connect
app: video?auth=1327012331-4222a8bdbce948e428628e8a78ee7f72
flashVer: WIN 11,1,102,55
swfUrl: http://static1.dmcdn.net/flash/dmplayerv4/dmplayer-prod.swf.v27ca447c438f16022
tcUrl: rtmpe://vod-02.dailymotion.com:1935/video?auth=1327012331-4222a8bdbce948e428628e8a78ee7f72
pageUrl: http://www.dailymotion.com/dybex#videoId=xnqokq
WARNING: Trying different position for server digest!
ERROR: Handshake failed
Closing connection... done!

Playpath: mp4:470/678/39876074:mp4_h264_aac_hq.mp4?auth=1327012331-4222a8bdbce948e428628e8a78ee7f72
Saving as: 39876074_mp4_h264_aac_hq.mp4
ERROR: RTMP_ReadPacket, failed to read RTMP packet header
ERROR: RTMP_ReadPacket, failed to read RTMP packet header
Closing connection... done!

your rtmpdump command should look like this:

rtmpdump -r "rtmpe://vod-02.dailymotion.com:1935/video" -a "video?auth=1327012792-aa06be573c175b50e64c1eabc25c5f4a" -f "WIN 11,1,102,55" -W "http://static1.dmcdn.net/flash/dmplayerv4/dmplayer-prod.swf.v27ca447c438f16022" -p "http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xnqokq_nisemonogatari-ep01-remplacement_shortfilms" -y "mp4:470/678/39876074:mp4_h264_aac_hq.mp4?auth=1327012792-aa06be573c175b50e64c1eabc25c5f4a" -o 39876074_mp4_h264_aac_hq.flv

but it dont work for me, i also cant watch the video in my browser (i can see the ads), probably due to not being in france and the video being country blocked.

try replacing the auth part with a new auth key and running that command line.


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