[rtmpdump] GitHub

Josh Allmann joshua.allmann at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 22:09:13 CET 2012

On 24 February 2012 02:07, Howard Chu <hyc at highlandsun.com> wrote:
> Steven Penny wrote:
>> I created a repo on GitHub.
>> http://github.com/svnpenn/rtmpdump
>> master branch: same as official rtmpdump git
>> unofficial branch: at this point it is only commits from KSV.
>> http-proxy branch: a one off I commited from 2 year old suggestion.
>> I know hyc will not approve but I didnt want to see any commits "fall
>> through the cracks"
> Actually I was about to ask for someone to go thru the mailing list archive
> and point out any recent commits to review. I'm still busy on other work but
> expect to have some spare time to look things over again in the next week or
> so.

Not "recent" but I posted two small fixes in November 2010.
They still apply cleanly and are correct.



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