[rtmpdump] RTMPDump - Segmentation Fault

Ulrik Dickow udickow at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 12:50:01 CET 2012

Den 15-12-2012 04:54, Joshua Malcolm skrev:
> Ulrik  fair enough but just a simple make SYS=posix && make install
> gives me a segfaulting executable with the latest trunk installed to
> the proper place (Ubuntu 12.04)

Most probably because Ubuntu by default will find the system (apt-get)
librtmp.so.0 (in /usr/lib...) before your custom one (in
/usr/local/lib...).  You should really check that with ldd(1).  E.g.

	$ ldd `which rtmpdump` | grep rtmp

assuming your custom one is earlier in your PATH than the system one.
If the output contains "/usr/lib" (including /usr/lib64 or similarly)
instead of "/usr/local/lib", then that's a natural explanation for your
segfaults.  To quote Larry Wall, TMTOWTDI:

   * build statically ("make SHARED=") (suggested by Steven & Dan)

   * build with e.g. "make XLDFLAGS=-Wl,-rpath=/usr/local/lib"

   * set LD_LIBRARY_PATH, e.g. in a wrapper script (suggested by me)

   * increment {SO,RTMP_LIB}_VERSION (patch by NhJm)

   * uninstall the system rtmp...

> What is wrong here or is the latest trunk just a bit flakey?

Dunno, but again probably just due to the shared library confusion.

Ulrik Dickow
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