[rtmpdump] rtmpdump Digest, Vol 31, Issue 5

Gunnar gunnar at surfnet.fi
Wed Apr 18 00:26:15 CEST 2012

(used wrong unregisters email account last time, also not sure if this 
is how to reply)

Some corrections
> Your server has paused playback (for whatever reason)

>   and rtmpdump timed out waiting for data.

Not to my knowledge, the slight "pause" in the packet-stream is barely a 
> It sends the Pause/Unpause command to poke the server and
> make it resume sending data.

The Pause-command rtmpdump sends seem to be an immediate respond to the 
NetStream.Pause.Notify packet from the server. (that thing about "poke 
the server" ?)
Btw, commented that specific send_pause out from the code and the stream 
stopped totally.

The problem is that when that immediate Pause is sent by rtmpdump the 
server almost immediatly starts sending again but from a much earlier 
It seems that Pause command contains, picks an old timestamp, I have not 
found the place in the code where, how and why it is set.
Seems it shld be the last timestamp from the server, the one with the 
NetStream.Pause.Notify but it is a much older one.

I have not figured out where and how in the code I cld find that "last 
Have also not figured out the overall program structure, from receive 
packet, parse it, decode header, decode command-message,etc

> Use 2.4. Don't butcher the code, a lot more thought has gone into it than
> you're able to put into it.

Used both original 2.3 and 2.4, same behavior.
Then I debugged, butchered with V2.3 just bc I had the build, etc 
already set up
btw, i am doing this on Windows! MSYS, Mingw, althoguh that probably no 
Probable fix just answering the NetStream.Pause.Notify either without 
specifying a timestamp or the latest one??

Btw, the server claims, FMS  3,5,7,7.009 version

I also found somebody else having seemingly the same problem, but had 
not noticed the "start of it all" in my case, the NetStream.Pause.Notify 
from the server (at the end of a "normally sized" packet with video-data)


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