[rtmpdump] Crude fix rtmpdump repeats, "jumps" timestamps backwards

Howard Chu hyc at highlandsun.com
Mon Apr 16 15:50:29 CEST 2012

Steven Penny wrote:
> Gunnar wrote:
>> OK,OK, quick butcher-test, made a rtmpdump2.3 version with RTMP_SendPause
>> disable
> Um 2.4??
>> Additionally the stream is now streamed "much slower", clear "do-nothings"
>> every now and then, but correctly.
> You could probably just use the "live" switch instead of all this.

Probably not, the live switch also issues some other commands which tend to 
confuse the server when using an on-demand stream. (Could try it anyway, but 
don't expect any good result...)

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