[rtmpdump] message ctrl types 31 & 32???

Howard Chu hyc at highlandsun.com
Fri Sep 23 13:08:09 CEST 2011

kevku wrote:
> I'm seeing this behaviour in when leeching from FMS/4,0,2,3014
> for example livevdo rtmpsuck works but rtmpdump is terribly slowed

Keep in mind what "RTMP" stands for: Real Time media protocol. A Flash server 
expects that it is communicating with a client displaying its media in 
realtime. It will intentionally slow down its delivery if it thinks it is 
sending too fast.

Also bear in mind that most of what is present in rtmpdump's code was 
determined through experimentation and analysis of RTMP traffic. The meaning 
of ctrl types 31 and 32 in the rtmpdump code comments are best guesses; there 
is no definition of them in any publicly available documentation. Sometimes 
your questions are going to go unanswered because quite simply, nobody knows. 
(Obviously Adobe employees know, but they don't seem to have any inclination 
to be helpful here.)

> rtmpdump -v -r "rtmp://extradream.fc.llnwd.net/extradream" \
> -a "extradream" -f "LNX 11,0,1,60" \
> -W
> "http://livevdo.tv/flash/embed_038.swf?token=8ba637524ad7c348122e3f51cc6b335f576989aed5f462aa&r=IT8hOic7ITkgNQ%2C%2C&autoplay=0&t=0&playerID=ARaBrgXzhI"
> \
> -p
> "http://www.lshunter.tv/index.php?option=com_lsh&view=lsh&event_id=63226&tv_id=622&tid=25276&channel=0&tmpl=component&layout=popup&Itemid=327"
> \
> -y "177ojfvmtn3" | vlc -
> also in weeb.tv stream is stopped almost immediatly
> rtmpdump -v -r rtmp:// -W
> http://static.weeb.tv/player.swf -p http://weeb.tv/

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