[rtmpdump] Puzzled !

Howard Chu hyc at highlandsun.com
Fri Sep 23 10:22:09 CEST 2011

Michael wrote:
> Thank you for helping me!
> Too bad my linux skills are quite bad ...
> at the moment it's either "RTMPDUMP -various options -resume -o
> outputfile" or "RTMPDUMP -various options"
> not sure how to "combine" these as the player-application seems just
> listening at STDIN

You're giving me strong motivation to put an IQ test on the subscription page 
for this mailing list, before accepting subscribers.

There are plenty of places to go to learn the basics of Linux and Unix. This 
is not one of them.

> On 23/09/2011 13:48, Ralph Spitzner wrote:
>> Michael wrote:
>> [...]
>>> On 22/09/2011 19:53, Howard Chu wrote:
>>>> You can do that yourself. rtmpdump | tee /tmp/somefile | whatever.
>> just replace 'whatever' with whatever command plays your flv from stdin.

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