[rtmpdump] Puzzled !

Howard Chu hyc at highlandsun.com
Thu Sep 22 13:53:07 CEST 2011

Michael wrote:
> Thank you!
> There could be other ways to calculate the timestamp ... e.g. by saving
> to a temp-file in parallel,

You can do that yourself. rtmpdump | tee /tmp/somefile | whatever. Learn how 
to use your computer before you make stupid feature requests.

> or storing the last timestamp every second
> or so ...

> But my main question is: why is streaming failing 100%, and recording is
> always fine ?


I've spent a lot of effort writing glue code so that apps like mplayer, 
ffmpeg, VLC, and XBMC can all integrate directly with librtmp. If viewing 
media just by running rtmpdump and spitting data to stdout worked reliably, 
there would be no need to jump in at a lower level (library integration).

But the fact is, an RTMP stream is a complex beast; it's a 2-way conversation 
between a client and a server. Piping output from rtmpdump to some other 
program is only 1-way communication; much flexibility is lost doing this.

Now please quit asking the same questions over and over again.

> On 22/09/2011 14:55, Ralph Spitzner wrote:
>> Michael wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> maybe someone out the can help me to understand things a little better!
>> [..]
>>> excludes the 'resume-option' in streaming mode (why is there no resume
>>> possible?)
>> To answer this question a zillionth time:
>>      Because rtmpdump doesn't now where you left off.
>>      (last timestamp isn't known....)
>> regards
>>      -rasp

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