[rtmpdump] need help with stream that isnt being pulled correctly by librtmp

pr romero619 at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 17 23:24:21 CEST 2011


Im having a problem using librtmp from within ffmpeg.

I have a number of live rtmp streams coming from security cameras that
aren't being parsed correctly by ffmpeg/librtmp.

When viewing the rtmp debug messages, it appears that the metadata is
received correctly followed by the actual stream data, but ffmpeg/librtmp
doesn't seem to know how to handle the raw stream data.

The data keeps being streamed in by ffmpeg, but at no point does it
recognize the video stream; ffmpeg hangs and never starts parsing the video
stream from librtmp.

The strange thing is that I don't have a problem viewing the streams
directly from a flash video player, yet using librtmp/ffmpeg to process the
streams causes issues.

Btw, rtmpdump doesn't appear to hang or complain about these problematic
streams, but it also doesn't record any valid video, so this seems to be an
issue with librtmp.

In any case, our application calls for using ffmpeg to directly process the
streams, so using rtmpdump is not an option.


Unfortunately, I cant provide the urls to the streams, but Ive attached a
portion of the debug messages.

Within the debug file, it can be seen that, after receiving the stream
metadata, the raw video data appears to stream in, but librtmp/ffmpeg
doesn't seem to know how to handle the data.

There are a sections of data preceded by the messages:

HandleCtrl, received ctrl. type: 32, len: 6

HandleCtrl, Stream BufferReady 1

RTMP_ReadPacket: fd=3

.and then a bunch of raw data.and then it repeats again.

Librtmp/ffmpeg never realizes that its receiving valid video data, so it
just keeps 'passing through' a bunch of data chunks.


Can someone please take a look at the debug file and provide me with some
feedback on why librtmp/ffmpeg might be having issues with these particular

Again, its not happening to all of the streams, only on certain
streams/security cameras, so there's something in how librtmp is handling
these specific streams.





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