[rtmpdump] Live Leafs TV Interactive Stream Broken In 2.4

Micah Galizia micahgalizia at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 03:12:20 CET 2011


My long term goal is to add Leafs TV Interactive support to XBMC. In
the short term, however, I'm just working on validating their web API
using rtmpdump to capture the stream URL they send back. I've noticed
that using the current git version I cannot dump the stream, but using
2.3 I can. I'm not really sure what information would be helpful here.
I have wireshark dumps and also verbose output that I can post or send
directly if anyone is willing to take a look.

Unfortunately, the streams are authenticated to my user name and the
URLs seem to expire after a few minutes so I can't easily send a
stream to test on, but if anyone wants to get back to me on the best
way to help I will follow up for sure (on the next live game)

>From what I can tell, the play request seems to be the problem. Both
versions (according to wire shark) have a body composed of 'play', a
number, null, the URL to the video, and another number.  The
difference between the two is that in the working version the two
numbers are 5 and -1000 and in the current git version they are 4 and

Anyway, if anyone can help please let me know!

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