[rtmpdump] Feature request - Ability to specify a custom Referer header for use with the SWF file

pnixte at gmail.com pnixte at gmail.com
Fri May 13 22:56:16 CEST 2011


More and more sites nowadays forbid access to direct requests to the SWF file
(HTTP error 403 forbidden) by checking the Referer header.

Currently, rtmpdump lacks a way to circumvent this restriction, so in
order to get
the stream we have to use the old way of computing manualy the hash of the
SWF file and pass it to the program.

Is anyone interested in adding a "send custom header(s)" functionality
to rtmpdump?

Note to any aspiring developer: In order to make sure that the SWF file can be
accessed in all possible cases, the option (let's say "-H") should be able to be
specified more than once in the command line. i.e.

rtmpdump -r someserver  -W http://location/file.swf  -H "Referer:
http://www.blah.com/" -H "User Agent: Mozilla 5/0" .....


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