[rtmpdump] Handshake 9

Kirill Zorin cyril.zorin at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 22:47:28 CET 2011

Are you sure the parameters are the same? What client version does 2.1d send to the server? How does it compare with trunk?

On 2011-03-26, at 5:41 PM, Sven Over wrote:

> On Saturday 26 March 2011 21:29:55 Kirill Zorin wrote:
>> Hi Sven,
> Hi, Kirill!
>> The logs from 2.1d show that the server answered with "6", which means that
>> handshake "9" wasn't even attempted.
> That was exactly my point. The server only answers "6" when I'm using an older 
> release (up to 2.1d). The two logs I posted were done with two different 
> versions of rtmpdump, but I ran rtmpdump with exactly the same command line in 
> both cases. So I was contacting the same server with the same parameters. 
> Using rtmpdump-2.2 (or later) results in the Handshake 9 problem, using old 
> rtmpdump-2.1d does not!
>> This works if the server allows older Flash players (pre 10, I think) to
>> connect, which don't support the "9" handshake. Later versions of FMS
>> require Flash Player 10, which must implement handshake 9.
> Obviously, the server I am contacting does allow pre-10 flash and handshake 6. 
> Still, rtmpdump-2.2 or later can't perform the handshake in a succesful way.
>> For the record, this was documented in the recent SVN commits, so please
>> dig around the mailing list archives before reposting an issue.
> I think I have read all recent mails regarding the handshake problem. I still 
> thought I was adding new information to the discussion.
>> It's not perfect, but here we are =)
> You are welcome.
> Cheers, Sven.
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