[rtmpdump] Handshake 9

Sven Over svenover at svenover.de
Sat Mar 26 21:49:35 CET 2011

Hi, everyone.

I've done a little bit of research regarding the Handshake 9 issue. I can't 
present a solution, but I thought I should document my findings here. It's not 
a lot, but maybe it rings a bell for someone.

So, I have the usual handshake problem (with trunk, 2.3 or 2.2):

DEBUG: HandShake: Client type: 06
DEBUG: HandShake: DH pubkey position: 472
DEBUG: HandShake: Client digest offset: 1383
DEBUG: HandShake: Type Answer   : 09
WARNING: HandShake: Type mismatch: client sent 6, server answered 9
WARNING: HandShake: Server not genuine Adobe!
ERROR: RTMP_Connect1, handshake failed.
DEBUG: Closing connection.

However, using rtmpdump-2.1d, the handshake succeeds:

DEBUG: HandShake: Client type: 06
DEBUG: HandShake: DH pubkey position: 1211
DEBUG: HandShake: Client digest offset: 430
DEBUG: HandShake: Type Answer   : 06
DEBUG: HandShake: Genuine Adobe Flash Media Server
DEBUG: HandShake: Handshaking finished....
DEBUG: RTMP_Connect1, handshaked

Actually using rtmpdump-2.1d now is no option, because for some reason the flv 
file it writes out is somewhat shaky, inasmuch as mplayer and xine can't play 
it properly. rtmpdump does save a stream to disk, and it does contain video 
and audio, but mplayer stumbles and while I'm hearing the audio, the video 
just stops.

My hope was that the mplayer problem is something that has been fixed 
inbetween release 2.1d and 2.3, so I tried to change the handshake code in 2.3 
towards how it was in 2.1d to make it work, but I did not succeed.

One interesting bit: the handshake works until (and including) SVN revision 
275. Revision number 276 is the first the breaks the handshake.

That's it. Far away from a solution, but maybe someone knows how to go on from 
here. It seems that, at least with the server I am contacting, the old 
revisions can make the server accept the handshake type 6, whereas with newer 
versions of rtmpdump, the server insists on handshake 9, which then fails.

I thank everyone involved in rtmpdump for this great piece of software. It 
would be great if we could get it fixed! :)

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