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Date: Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 6:00 PM
Subject: About librtmp for AudioStream
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I'm using your rtmpdump and librtmp to stream rtmp audio sources in my iOS
project . But, I need to extract audio bytes in chunk and push audio data to
Apple's AudioQueue to decode sound in realtime. My rtmp sources serves FLV
data and contains only m4a audio. I inspected all the source and I found an
abstract "HandleAudio", "HandleVideo" methods in the librtmp's source.

static void *HandleAudio*(RTMP *r, const RTMPPacket *packet);

I tried to save *packet->m_body* chunks in a file but it doesnt play. But
when I save the stream output like rtmpdump, it produces FLV file and VLC
player can play the file correctly.

How can I parse m4a audio bytes in chunked FLV stream without saving all

Thanks a lot,

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