[rtmpdump] request to tag 2.4

Howard Chu hyc at highlandsun.com
Mon Jul 25 21:32:39 CEST 2011

Scott D. Davilla wrote:
>> On 07/25/11 16:53, Scott D. Davilla wrote:
>>>   Since creating a tarball is not an option, can the devs at least branch
>>>   tag what is considered 2.4 ?
>>>   Thanks
>>>   Scott
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>> Hi,
>> In the absence of a tarball for rtmpdump v2.4 existing in the download
>> area, or tags we used this to create rtmpdump-2.4.tgz source tarball for
>> the OpenBSD 5.0 port.
>> git clone git://git.ffmpeg.org/rtmpdump
>> cd rtmpdump
>> git archive --format=tar --prefix=rtmpdump-2.4/
>> c28f1bab7822de97353849e7787b59e50bbb1428
>> | gzip>/usr/ports/distfiles/rtmpdump-2.4.tgz
>> I don't see a problem creating a tarball.
> Creating a tarball myself if not the issue. It's tagging some git
> version to 2.4 so that distros such as xbmc can pull and do what they
> need to do with it. We don't want to pull any old git tag, we want
> something that says "This is 2.4".
> Sounds like c28f1bab7822de97353849e7787b59e50bbb1428 is the magic hash.

Well, "This is 2.4" and "This is stable code" are two different things. We 
still have some patches to review, etc. Whether you want to pull stuff in now 
or later is up to you. Obviously the big new features that have been added 
(mainly RTMPE9) work just fine; whether there are any other interesting bugs 
that need fixing is the other question.

In particular we need Kazakov Viktor to quit forking us and submit his latest 
patches. And we need Steven Penn to quit putting up unauthorized clones of the 
project. If you guys want to help, then help - that means working within the 
project, not outside it. If you want to fork, then quit calling it rtmpdump, 
because you don't have any right to that name.

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