[rtmpdump] Impossible to dump from werder.tv/de

Sven Vogt svenstream at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 00:09:49 CET 2011


I have problems with the website "http://www.werder.tv/de/".
When you visit the site you can found an example-video!

At the Website you can see a picture-slideshow.
Under the slideshow you can see and click some numbers.
When you click on the number "7" you can found an example-video, with the
german title "WERDER.TV - Wie registriere ich mich ..." ("WERDER.TV - How
register me ...")

Some facts about the stream:

The stream works with an XML-file!
You can open it directly under:

The stream is using "RTMPTE"!

1. I have try to work with "RTMPSUCK"!

2. I have try to work with "RTMPSRV"!

3. I have try to work direct with "RTMPDUMP", but I can´t find the right
Is it possible that is impossible for RTMPDUMP???

Nothin helps !

I hope this posting helps!


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