[rtmpdump] [PATCH] url comparison bug

KSV faltuvisitor at yahoo.co.in
Thu Dec 15 11:03:14 CET 2011

Stef wrote:
>Seriously, cmon, it's not big deal!  What's a few characters or a bit of pre-parsing going to cost you?
and who said it's big deal. i can certainly define required options. however it was certainly unexpected behavior even after using --swfAge 0. 

Howard Chu wrote:
>We should've dropped Windows support. At least Linux users tend to know how to 
>tinker on their own, instead of whining that it's not Fully AutoMagical.
the issue would have been same for non whining linux users. doesn't auto hashing benefits the linux users in same way.

Howard Chu wrote:
> This was done to accomodate ABC Australia's iView, which uses the 
same SWF file but with a randomly generated hash in the middle of the 
URL on each session. Looks like a different solution is needed.
wouldn't it be better to check if the url contains iView swf hosting domain and then apply hlen and full url comparison in other cases.
i would have written the patch but i am not aware of their swf hosting domains. i tried few free proxies and vpn's but it didn't worked.

just for reference see last few posts here for original problem:

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