[rtmpdump] RTMPSRV / RTMPSUCK - Listen on specific port

E-Blokos infos at e-blokos.com
Wed Dec 14 03:20:41 CET 2011

Hi Howard,

As computer researcher I'm on this emailist since 3 years now (even if I 
don't use rtmpdump, heh :P)
 and is amazed of your knowledge and the quality of your project.
As you know the hardest thing when you start an open source project is
to teach to people who will use or modify it of how to contribute sanely and 
honestly to it
to make the community of contributor grow for the benefice of everybody, and 
you first.
Since end of 90/s I saw some very exciting project that changed internet,
even if the common of the mortals doesn't know who did it.
So my question is why not inform all the emailist that contribution (money 
or patches)
is available on your website ? does fffmpeg don't do it already ?
sorry for my ignorance but I'd like to understand your position


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> Steven Penny wrote:
>> On Sat, Dec 10, 2011 at 9:02 PM, compn wrote:
>>> would you be opposed if someone else committed a patch? i dont want to
>>> fight about it, if you dont want it i'll not make a big deal.
>> The correct thing to do would be for NokNok to fork the project on
>> GitHub, then link to or submit a patch on this mailing list.
>>> From that point Howard has the choice to accept the patch, and users
>> have the choice to download it as well.
>> The current situation does nothing for noone.
> The patch is trivial. It would take 30 seconds to write and commit it. My 
> point again is that such a feature is against the purpose of this project. 
> If you want to patch your own private builds of the code, that is your 
> right. I will not help maintain patches that only benefit commercial 
> interests. I will not put work into supporting commercial entities who 
> profit from my work without contributing back to the project.
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