[rtmpdump] [PATCH] Unexpected BW Response Fix

Chris Larsen clarsen at euphoriaaudio.com
Tue Aug 2 18:33:44 CEST 2011

Bug: SendCheckBWResult sends an invalid bw response due to casting issues
from a double to an int.

To Reproduce: Download Flash Media Server (free developer's license),
install it, and try to grab rtmp://host/vod/sample with rtmpdump. You should
see something similar to the following in the core.00.log file:



2011-08-02          12:05:19               2360       (w)2611397
Invalid command message data: unexpected bw response from client 01C791B0
(          -


Reason: SendCheckBWResult requires a double value, but HandleInvoke is
casting to an int. 

Fix: Change the txn type in HandleInvoke to a double and the error message
does not appear. Tested on Windows and Ubuntu.



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