[rtmpdump] New on the list. Unable to find parameter settings for short list of rtmp live feeds

Rodrigo Hunrichse rhunrich at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 11 07:25:28 CEST 2010

Hello World!
    I am new on this list & ready to learn more about using rtmpdump on live 

    I am an online media links gatherer from my country & want to have fast & 
independent access to them. Only because & thanks to a compatriot who posted how 
to connect through this rtmp protocol, I would have never known about this 
wonderful -AND OPEN- application.

    But even after reading the man page, I have been unable to find the right 
parameter settings for some of my country's short list of rtmp live feeds. In 
particular, this regional http://www.canalregional.cl network is one of them, 
please help me access it through rtmpdump, OR identify the matching parameters 
inside the embedded code in order to apply the method on any new feeds.

I include my list in case you want to know more about my intentions
Medios Chilenos Online

My compatriot's list:

Rodrigo "Alley'Gator" Hunrichse http://welcome.to/alleygator
Ingeniero Civil Informático U. de Concepción. +56-9-84171788

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