[rtmpdump] rtmpdump and data loss

Howard Chu hyc at highlandsun.com
Sun Oct 10 06:53:04 CEST 2010

Perazim wrote:
> This is a followup question:
> I have looked in the support docs at Adobe for the server and in the
> forums. Seems as there is no way from the client end to specify
> parameters that control how the server drops frames when the server
> output overflows the network connection.
> However there is a property called NetStreamInfo.droppedFrames
> available to the player that allows the number of dropped frames
> to be accessed.
> Is it possible for the rtmpdump code to easily get at this value?
> I ask because the method I am using now to download is during very
> early morning hours of little net activity I download the stream
> several times, check file sizes and if equal then md5sum the files.
> If I could get rtmpdump to check periodically for dropped frames,
> I could then abort as soon as there are dropped frames not wasting
> any more time on that session.

I suggest you simply use a more realistic bandwidth setting that reflects the 
actual throughput of your network connection.

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