[rtmpdump] Use with .NET - passing error info

gxdata gxdata at iinet.net.au
Wed Nov 17 04:07:49 CET 2010

First post here (and very new to this). Would appreciate some advice, all
relating to use on Windows with .NET coding. 


Re rtmpdump.exe, v2.2c or d 


I'm currently using the Windows compiled version 2.2d. I'm passing the
parameters in a recipe-like manner (I don't yet fully understand the
implications of many of the available params). 


With the goal of more automated / unattended downloads, and knowing the
sorts of problems that occur with the stuff I'm wanting to download (due to
the maintainers of the metadata, and some occasional problems with the video
files themselves), I think I need to see more of the errors passed from


I'll elaborate with a follow-up post. 


As a second question, I haven't worked out if it might be useful to compile
myself, as a DLL, and call that from C#. In fact, I haven't seen any
guidance on compiling the rtmpdump source with Microsoft Visual Studio. Can
someone point me to a post on this or other forums, please? 



Ian Thomas
Scientific Software

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