[rtmpdump] r476 - web/index.html

hyc subversion at mplayerhq.hu
Tue May 11 05:30:33 CEST 2010

Author: hyc
Date: Tue May 11 05:30:32 2010
New Revision: 476

Note librtmp manpage


Modified: web/index.html
--- web/index.html	Tue May 11 05:28:42 2010	(r475)
+++ web/index.html	Tue May 11 05:30:32 2010	(r476)
@@ -74,6 +74,8 @@ This library is licensed under LGPL so i
 Some manpages have been added for 2.2. You can read the
 <a href="rtmpdump.1.html">rtmpdump</a> manpage and the
 <a href="rtmpgw.8.html">rtmpgw</a> manpage online as well.<br>
+An overview of the library is also available in the
+<a href="librtmp.3.html">librtmp</a> manpage.<br>
 As of 2.1 there are two additional server programs, <b>rtmpsrv</b> and
@@ -141,6 +143,7 @@ Projects using librtmp:
 <a href="http://www.lonelycoder.com/hts/index.html">HTS Home Theater System</a><br>
 Patches for librtmp on other projects:
 <a href="http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/8971">XBMC</a><br>
 <a href="http://curl.haxx.se/mail/lib-2010-05/0103.html">cURL</a><br>

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