[rtmpdump] download stream from HWCDN

Howard Chu hyc at highlandsun.com
Tue May 4 01:38:36 CEST 2010

Vaidas Velutis wrote:
> Hi all, i have this stream url:
> rtmp://fli002.lo1.hwcdn.net/j5n6n6m8/_definst_/fli/223831-TDK-Flash
> <http://fli002.lo1.hwcdn.net/j5n6n6m8/_definst_/fli/223831-TDK-Flash>. I try
> to download it using rtmp dump bu get this error: Failed to play (stream ID: 1).
> Mayby someone knows how to make it work, or rtmpdump is not supporting this
> kind of stream?
> i am using rtmpdump 2.2d. command line looks like that: rtmpdump.exe -r
> "rtmp://fli002.lo1.hwcdn.net/j5n6n6m8/_definst/fli/223831-TDK-Flash
> <http://fli002.lo1.hwcdn.net/j5n6n6m8/_definst/fli/223831-TDK-Flash>" -z -o "aaa"
> Stream is playing here: http://ru.clipta.com/live/tdk

Live streams require the --live/-v option.

Read the documentation before posting questions.

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