[rtmpdump] problem with rtmpsuck

Hopetite at yahoo.com.hk Hopetite at yahoo.com.hk
Sun May 2 18:19:29 CEST 2010

Dear Experts
    I have tried rtmpsrv and rtmpdump, but unable to dump a rtmpe stream.
I have decompiled the swf player file and confirm that the parameter 
generated by it is identical to the one found by rtmpsrv.

    Then I edited hosts file, and fire rtmpsuck with -z debug flag, it 
shows errors when I am playing a rtmpe stream in browser.

The last few sentences are

ERROR: WriteN, RTMP send error 10053 (1536 bytes)
ERROR: Handshake failed
Closing connection... done!

After a while, the stream starts playing, but no files are dumped, I 
suspect the swf player has switched to port 80 after many fail attempts 
on redirected port 1935.

Any further things I can do?

Here is an example link, please note that you may need a Hong Kong proxy 
to access it

Thank you very much for your help.

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