[rtmpdump] r405 - in trunk: librtmp/Makefile librtmp/handshake.h librtmp/rtmp.c librtmp/rtmp.h rtmpdump.c rtmpgw.c rtmpsuck.c

Howard Chu hyc at highlandsun.com
Sun Mar 28 09:52:22 CEST 2010

Howard Chu wrote:
> NhJm wrote:
>> How exactly would one quote a value? What if a value contains spaces?
>> ie. flashVer, a connect string, or an output filename? (Not counting
>> URLs which can be encoded, although URLs with unencoded spaces may
>> theorhetically be required by a server.)
> The output filename is not handled by these changes. I'm only talking about
> options that directly affect the RTMP negotiation, since they will be needed
> universally. (E.g., in XBMC, mplayer, or any other app that wants to access an
> RTMP stream, independent of what they do with the stream once they connect to it.)
> Servers cannot require unencoded spaces. Unencoded spaces are illegal in URLs.
> So, for spaces in values, just URLencode them, e.g. flashVer=LNX%2010.0.3.22

URL encoding here would be a big mistake. We'll have to use some other 
escaping or substitution instead. Any method will work as long as it doesn't 
duplicate URL encoding.

How about: replace spaces with TAB+Ctrl-A, (0x08 0x01) and replace TABs with 
TAB+Ctrl-B (0x08 0x02). Simple and probably low impact.

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