[rtmpdump] Issue regarding resume "Last tag size must be greater/equal zero"

PLTK pnixte at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 13:35:23 CET 2010


After trying to resume the download of a stream (non-live) from a
server, I encountered
the following error:

|ERROR: Last tag size must be greater/equal zero (prevTagSize=1178073467) and
|smaller then filesize, corrupt file!

I tried to resume using the "-k" option but it always returns the above error.

Since it's impolite to attach files on a mailing list, I have uploaded
the file called "skit.flv"
in drop.io. It is under 1 MB and can be accessed (and downloaded)
without registration
via the following URL:


The file can be played in "mplayer" without producing any errors.

The file is:
|896.000 kB / 13.14 sec (0.1%)

Note that the "-A" option (skipping seconds in the file) works OK so this can
function as a workaround for the moment (...or for the eternity if the
issue cannot
be addressed in an efficient way. :-)


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