[rtmpdump] RTMPDUMP usage unclear

Pepak pepak at pepak.net
Wed Mar 17 08:21:41 CET 2010

Follow up:

I tried overriding the playPath using

-y mp4:PS9_12_3_10_500.f4v

and the stream started to download! So it seems to me it is just an
error in URL parsing of RTMPDUMP. Or is it an intended behavior?

In any case, now that I know that downloading works, I can get to the
programming tasks. Cool!


> Hi!

> I am trying out RTMPDUMP because I would like to add streaming video
> support to my video downloader, but I can'rt seem to figure out the
> basic operation. Disseting the pages of provider I want to download, I
> neded up with this stream URL:

> rtmp://
> (just one video chosen simply becauise it was the one at the top of
> the page at the time I was dissecting it).

> This URL is apparently all I need, because Flazr (http://flazr.com/)
> will happily download it without asking for any extra data. But for
> some reason, I just can't make RTMPDUMP download the stram - when I
> use command (with RTMPDUMP 2.2 for Win32):

> rtmpdump.exe -r "rtmp://"

> it simply informs me that NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound. In verbose
> mode,it seems to parse the URL correctly:

> DEBUG: Protocol : RTMP
> DEBUG: Hostname :
> DEBUG: Port     : 1935
> DEBUG: Playpath : mp4:PS9_12_3_10_500
> DEBUG: tcUrl    : rtmp://

> The StreamNotFound error appears as a result of SendPlay message:

> ...
> DEBUG: HandleInvoke, server invoking <_result>
> DEBUG: HandleInvoke, received result for method call <createStream>
> DEBUG: SendPlay, seekTime=0.00, dLength=0, sending play: mp4:PS9_12_3_10_500
> DEBUG: Invoking play
> DEBUG: sending ctrl. type: 0x0003
> ...
> DEBUG: RTMP_ClientPacket, received: invoke 191 bytes
> DEBUG: (object begin)
> DEBUG: Property: NULL
> DEBUG: (object begin)
> DEBUG: Property: <Name:                     level, STRING:      error>
> DEBUG: Property: <Name:                      code, STRING:      NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound>
> DEBUG: Property: <Name:               description, STRING:     
> Failed to play PS9_12_3_10_500; stream not found.>
> DEBUG: Property: <Name:                   details, STRING:      PS9_12_3_10_500>
> DEBUG: Property: <Name:                  clientid, STRING:      ngu4uy+Y>
> DEBUG: (object end)
> DEBUG: (object end)

> I am at a loss what's wrong. My only guess is that maybe RTMPDUMP
> should be requesting stream "mp4:PS9_12_3_10_500.f4v" but it only asks for
> "mp4:PS9_12_3_10_500", but of course my knowledge of RTMP is zero so I
> am probably wrong.

> Any suggestions on what I could try?

> Note: At the moment I am simply trying to get the provided binary to
> work. I plan to get into the library code later on, when I am sure
> that the download actually works and any failures are caused by my
> shoddy coding.

> Thanks for any help.

> Pepak

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