[rtmpdump] rtmpdump --> tcpdump-parser

mightydoggy mightydoggy at gmail.com
Thu Mar 4 19:17:46 CET 2010

I'm working on cleaning up the documentation, pulling together the different
scenarios etc to get you from site to capture using only

With rtmpdump doing such heavy lifting, it seems like now most difficult
step for people is capturing the variables they need to pass to rtmpdump.

Since not every user can run rtmpsuck as a separate user, and dumping a
packet-sniff to a file is pretty minor stuff, how about using rtmpsuck's
parser, running the file through to spit out the variables/pipe to rtmpdump?

That way people are more-or-less covered; if they can't run the proxy, they
can just libpcap and run the results through rtmpsuck for the same effect?

Unless I'm out of my mind and we can already do that...

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