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Thu Mar 4 18:15:41 CET 2010

Author: hyc
Date: Thu Mar  4 18:15:40 2010
New Revision: 295



Modified: trunk/README
--- trunk/README	Thu Mar  4 18:07:21 2010	(r294)
+++ trunk/README	Thu Mar  4 18:15:40 2010	(r295)
@@ -31,6 +31,12 @@ This code also requires you to have Open
 SWF Verification
+Note: these instructions for manually generating the SWFVerification
+info are provided only for historical documentation. The software can now
+generate this info automatically, so it is no longer necessary to
+run the commands described here. Just use the -W (--swfVfy) option
+to perform automatic SWFVerification.
 Download the swf player you want to use for SWFVerification, unzip it using
  $ flasm -x file.swf
@@ -45,11 +51,6 @@ and use the --swfhash "01234..." option 
 e.g. $ ./rtmpdump --swfhash "123456..." --swfsize 987...
-Note: all of this is done automatically if you provide the SWF URL using
-the -W (--swfVfy) option instead of the -s (--swfUrl) option. Also, the
-hash info is cached in ~/.swfinfo so it doesn't need to be ecalculated
-all the time.
 Connect Parameters

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