[rtmpdump] r281 - trunk/rtmpdump.1

hyc subversion at mplayerhq.hu
Thu Mar 4 08:10:40 CET 2010

Author: hyc
Date: Thu Mar  4 08:10:39 2010
New Revision: 281

Fix typos


Modified: trunk/rtmpdump.1
--- trunk/rtmpdump.1	Thu Mar  4 07:31:09 2010	(r280)
+++ trunk/rtmpdump.1	Thu Mar  4 08:10:39 2010	(r281)
@@ -148,7 +148,7 @@ prefixing the type with 'N' and specifyi
 NB:myFlag:1. This option may be used multiple times to construct arbitrary
 AMF sequences. E.g.
-  -C B:1 -C S:authMe -C O:1 -C NN:code:1.23 -C NN:flag:ok -C O:0
+  -C B:1 -C S:authMe -C O:1 -C NN:code:1.23 -C NS:flag:ok -C O:0
 Session Parameters
@@ -225,7 +225,7 @@ option must always be used with this opt
 \fB\-\-swfVfy		\-W\fP\ \fIurl\fP
 URL of the SWF player for this media. This option replaces all three
 of the
-.BR \-\-swfURL ,
+.BR \-\-swfUrl ,
 .BR \-\-swfhash ,
 .B \-\-swfsize

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