[rtmpdump] Compiling RTMPdump on Max OS X

Scott D. Davilla davilla at xbmc.org
Wed Jul 21 07:53:14 CEST 2010

>On Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 5:54 PM, Scott D. Davilla <davilla at xbmc.org> wrote:
>>  RTMPdump should really be linking to the static lib version of librtmp.
>>  librtmp.so is one form for dynamic lib on OSX, the other form is a dylib,
>>  both forms have embedded paths that make build/run without install
>>  difficult.
>  > You could try changing the RTMPdump make to explicitly link to
>>  librtmp/librtmp.a
>>  When I get a chance, I'll look into this.
>I need to compile a patched version of librtmp to to test FMS
>authentication with ffmpeg.

in librtmp/Makefile, change



SO_LDFLAGS_darwin=-bundle -flat_namespace -undefined suppress -fno-common \
   -headerpad_max_install_names $(XLDFLAGS)




SO_LDFLAGS_darwin=-dynamiclib -twolevel_namespace $(XLDFLAGS)

This will build a dylib. The Makefile will also have to be fixed as 
it assume .so.0 naming and dylibs also don't need the symlink.

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