[rtmpdump] hijacked thread...

Howard Chu hyc at highlandsun.com
Fri Jan 29 23:16:21 CET 2010

Marcelo B. A. wrote:
> Anyone nows how to download from this site???

Change the email Subject if you're going to completely change topics.

>         Hi everyone, how I download a flv file with swf verification, here is
>         a demonstration:
>         http://canaldosconcursos.com.br/cursos_online.php
>         source code:
>         /<param name="flashvars"
>         value="&file=demos/institucional_canal_dos_concursos.flv&backcolor=999999&streamer=rtmpe://
>         <>"
>         />/
>         With GETFLV program only 3Mb is record, before that a error occurs
>         with a warning says canaldosconcursos is no longer available...
>         Rtmdump don´t work too or I use this with incorrectly string...
>         /rtmpdump -r "rtmpe://
>         <>///demos/institucional_canal_dos_concursos.flv/"
>         Help, please!!!

That site uses a SecureToken. You must use rtmpdump's --token option to
provide the key needed to provide the proper response. The key is probably
embedded in their SWF player. Alternatively, just use rtmpsuck.

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